Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Who is friend to you? For me, friend is someone who very closes to you and know everything about you. He/she besides you when you get in trouble or problem. He/she encourages and give you support and never betray you. I got a few friends that very damn closes to me. haha....For example, Roney, Wilson and Hembray. They are very closes to me and they know almost 90% about my life. Surprisingly, we are cousins. hurm. So, what are the most important things that should exist in our friendship? Do you know why those my friends above still keep in touch to me and our friendship is still going on even we are in different places? Because...the most important in friendship are, understanding, honest, love, trust, share, humble, humour, tolerance, careness and listen. So, having friends is good, but keeping friendship is hard. In short, friend gives a lot of meaning to me. Friendship forever....

For my friends that I didn't written his/her name above, sorry....haha... I got so many friends, so can't mention all of you.


  1. yeah2...
    Nobody left behind or foggoteN..(^_^) ThankX!


  2. knapa x muka sy?! jahat ko jewel..