Sunday, January 4, 2009

2008 evalution

2008 thought me so many things either good and bad things. When I think back what I've done for a year, I can see so many disappointment than happiness. I did so many BAD things than GOOD things. When I look into mirror...I say to myself, Joel...What you've done...what you've done...what you've done.... Maybe some people knew what I've done...and it was so horrible things. Haiz... I learnt so many things throughout this year. I learnt the meaning of sincerity, friendship and love. I also learnt about lies..and psychology weapon that I did to many people or more correct...victims. Believe or not...I can make people 'fall' infront of me ...begging and crying....just for 48 hours. haha...I know it's wrong to do that. No good.

2008... I bought many things that are quite expensive(expensive for me...maybe not expensive for other example, my clothes, jeans, pants, shoes, handphones, specs, camera, and etc. Oh God...this is how I used the scholarship. Forgive me oh God.

2008...also thought me how to study like crazy. haha.... I used 15 hours everyday to study... reading like hell, memorising like hell, understand like hell and everything is like hell. Well, people always said that, learning is a part to success..Yeah, I believe that. So, to release my stress because of my study.... I spent my weekends to go to watch movie, hang out with my friends, go to church and sometimes sleeping and chatting with my friends. Haha, I waste my time.LOL

The 4th day of 2009 give me a lot of vision to do this year. However, I don't like to share what are my visions for this year. LOL....Maybe next year, I will pleased to tell you. I hope so.

Last but not least, enjoy our life, enjoy what you doing, happy and smile in every troublesome.. and Trust Jesus. He leaves us never.....