Saturday, October 22, 2011


Hello guys,

I've created a new blog that is basically almost the same with this one. Anyway, I'm grateful if you guys can follow that blog as well. HOHO.

Thank you

Joel Jewel Bollah

Monday, May 2, 2011

I am who I am.

This is my first post for 2011.
After almost 8 months i joined Sports Toto Fitness Center (STFC), I really see the result of my hardwork. Although it's not much as the other people achieved, but I congratulate myself because of my motivation, intention and hardwork as well as my attitude to change myself. Anyway, I've learnt a lot for the past 1 year. I'm currently in 5th year medical school which is my final year. But, my lecturers said, it's not right to say that we are in final years because the probability we will pass our Professional Exam 3 is 50-50. So, to be exact, we are 5th year medical student of Universiti Putra Malaysia. Thanks God because I can reach at this level. Without Him, I'm nothing. Without Him, everything is nothing. Praise the Lord. Thanks to my family for their kindness and support, especially to my lovely parents for their continuous prayers to God for their beloved son in Kuala Lumpur. :-).
Thanks to my sisters and brothers for their moral and financial support. Don't worry brothers and sisters, I promised to pay your guys when I'm working soon. hoho. Everything happened for reasons. Reasons that we might know and don't know. Anyway, we are human being. We can think what we should do. Being pessimistic or optimistic. To be honest, I would like to be an optimist. It's hard, but I'm trying. So, how about you? Looking a problem in different aspect is not easy though. But it's not wrong also.
Many people asked me whether I'm attached or single. And believe me or not, none of them will believe that I'm single although that is my true answer. Well, I don't expect them to believe me, but one thing for sure, I'm single but not ready for any relationship. I'm happy for what I'm now. It doesn't mean that I don't need love. It just that I had enough love from you guys anyway. LOL.
Oh yeah, I've just turned to 23 years old last month. Thanks God because I'm still alive and healthy until now. My 23rd birthday was a bit special because I celebrated it alone at Secret Recipe Sogo Shopping Complex. Nuts? LOL. I'm not. I've enjoyed my dinner alone without cake! One more thing, on the day of my birthday, I went to Forensic Department of Hospital Kuala Lumpur to observe an autopsy case. Fortunately, I was asked by the Forensic Doctor to assist the Master student in Forensic to do an autopsy. I was like OMG!!!! He said, that will be my precious memory because instead I cut a cake, I will cut a dead body!!! *Faint!
I took the challenge and assist the doctors to cut the dead body. It was fun!!! Anyway, I still have to assist them for 3 times more. :-)
Today (8th August), I will start my Senior Medicine Posting. I've just finished my Senior Surgery and Dermatology Posting last week. I really have no confident whether I passed the 2 exams or not. God Bless Me. I hope I can do better in my Senior Medical Posting. Aja aja fighting!
Last but not least, I am who I am. I'm happy for what I am now. My life is my business and please, don't ever force me to do something that I don't like.
Good night and God Bless You.

The Best Pictures of 2011

Sunday, October 10, 2010

I was like baby baby baby owh....

Versi Bahasa Malaysia.

Apa khabar anda semua? Hari ini, tanggal 10/10/10, saya sangat berbesar hati mahu berkongsi cerita dengan anda. Hari ini, saya bangun tidur pada jam 8.00 am. Kepala saya sangat pening sebab semalam tidur tidak lena. Banyak sangat perkara yang mengganggu minda saya ini. Saya pun tidak tahu hendak buat bagaimana. Saya sangat keliru, sedih dan tertekan. Alangkah bagusnya kalau saya tidak pernah memulakan benda ini sebab ianya akhirnya membuatkan saya menderita sebab tertekan.

Hati kecil saya berkata, saya memerlukan satu hari untuk menilai semula masalah saya ini. Saya perlu rasional dalam menyelesaikan perkara ini. Walaupun perkara ini kedengaran agak mudah, tetapi sebenarnya ianya satu perkara yang sangat kompleks dan memerlukan penyelesaian yang mantap dan berkesan.

Tidak tahulah. Saya sangat tidak bermaya sekarang. Semuanya serba tidak kena. Mungkin sudah tiba masanya saya mengakhiri permainan ini.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

In the was just myself....


How are you doing? It's been awhile huh? Currently I'm in year 4 Medical course and staying in Damai Hostel KL. Yeah, it's true. Staying here is more enjoyable since all the big shopping complex are just nearby. However, the cost of living here is much more expansive than in Serdang. Anyway, it's ok.LOL

Oh yeah... I was finally broke up with my baby..euuw..haha..maybe i should say...successfully broke up and get my freedom again. It was hard and tough since i was not really ready for it. But I believe myself... I know I can get through it. I was in pain, depressed and disappointed for few days! Yeah, it was totally changed my life. Maybe it was all my fault and the reason behind it remains unknown. Hurm...I admit that I'm a PLAYER(hah???)...but if that person really love me, there is should be no problem to accept who I am. Am I right?

Anyway, here I am. Standing still again, with smile, new deteremination, recharged, motivated and the mst important thing is... I become more matured. (yeah right..-.-")...LOL

The new Joel was formed. I come back with REVENGE. I was like.."owh, I don't care anymore. I'm gonna do it, till my missions are accomplished."..LOL.

I was succeed and won the games until I found someone that really touch my heart. Hurm...(that means u Lose??)..No No No...I should say...I was lucky because I met this person, a.k.a LSL. LSl is so warm and very supportive. I just totally in love with LSL. And I know that LSL also love me and trust me. Hurm...boring is it?

Ok..change to another topic. Yeah, i bought a new laptop, Dell AMD Inspiron. It was lovely but I don't like Windows 7.WTF. The graphic is nice but somehow, it's easily hang and...haiz. I don't know how to describe!Anyway, thanks to my family because helped me to buy this brand new Laptop..Muah

Do you know buddy, I am who I am. I will get whatever I want even it will risk my life. (WOW). I have a lot of plans, and I'm going to do those plans one-by-one.

Last but not least, LSL...I will love u forever. Muah

Friday, May 14, 2010

Semester 6 MD programme

haiz, 4 days before my 6th sem final exam. worry...scare...not confident....clueless...idealess....i don't know whether i can pass in this exam or seems very hard to pass.....haiz...anyway...i will try my best...

i will go back to Sabah on 26th may 2010..i hope i can go back with FREEDOM which means...i passed my exam...Amen...God Help me...

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Blogger Buzz: Blogger integrates with Amazon Associates