Wednesday, November 12, 2008

1 month to 3rd sem final exam

Now, I'm already in the 2nd year medical school. Overall, medicine isn't easy. Trust me. It needs a lot of commitment and time. This coming December, I'll sit for my 3rd sem final exam which is consist of 12 subjects. OMG.... I hope i can pass in this exam. I believe in God, and i believe that He is helping me.... Sometimes, I can't believe that I'm in UPM and doing medical study here. Because, I'm not good enough in the other students. May be, it's due to lack of confidence in myself. In other word, lack of of self- esteem. Lol... By the way, I know why I am here, what is my ambition and why I chose Medicine. It's all about LIFE. Talking about life, we know that life is short and we become older and older. I remember 1 quote..."aging is bad but it is interesting"....haha...I don't really know what is the meaning of this quote. Then, average age of man to live is 70 years old and for woman is 75 years old...It's not long, isn't it? I'm 20 years old now, and I still have approximately 50 years to live. What I'm gonna do within this period? Yeah, I have my own vision, dreams and all that stuff. I hope I can achieve it and later live without regret. I'm sure, all of us also want to do the same thing, right? Well, live happily, enjoy what are you doing and trust God that He Chose you.... not to be the tail but to be the head of all people. Peace!!